Dress Code

Dress Code

A clean, smart standard of dress is expected both on the course and in the Clubhouse.

Highlighted below are the main areas of our Dress Code, which we ask members and visitors to respect.

SHIRTS - Men - shirts must be tucked into trousers/shorts at all times on the course and practice ground. They are allowed to be worn outside trousers/shorts in the bar and patio areas. Ladies are allowed to wear shirts outside skirts/trousers/shorts anywhere.

SHORTS – Shorts must be ‘tailored’ and knee length. Golf “designer” shorts are allowed but not if they include “patch pockets”. Sports shorts, cargo or “Combat “type shorts are not acceptable.

TROUSERS/JEANS - All colours (including denim) permitted within the clubhouse and surrounds. Must be clean and smart (i.e no rips/tears/fraying/faded/baggy jeans, no tradesmen’s working jeans). Jeans are not allowed on the golf course (but are allowed on the practice area).

Coloured coordination of socks. Both male and females are permitted to wear either white socks or coloured co-ordinated socks with their golf clothing.


CLUBHOUSE – Shoes, leisure and casual footwear are allowed in the Clubhouse and surrounds. No “open toe/ flip flops” permitted. Men are also requested to wear socks (but this is not compulsory) Golf shoes are allowed within the changing room and stud bar area, not in the main bar.

GOLF COURSE & PRACTICE AREA - Rushden Golf Club members/visitors - golf shoes are to be worn on the course and practice area. All learners attending “starter sessions” may wear trainers on the practice area.


Any deviation from standard club dress rules to be advised as necessary for each individual event.

MOBILE PHONES - Mobile Phones may only be used in the Car Park area and in the Entrance Foyers of the Clubhouse. Their use for making and receiving calls is prohibited on the Course and any other area of the Clubhouse unless there is a medical emergency.

Other hand-held electronic equipment- including all, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Tablets, I-pads etc, These devices may be used when in the Clubhouse, however on all occasions sound must be muted so the device is silent.